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The Chesapeake pledge is to deliver a well-managed construction process, infused with creativity and attention to detail.  We are our clients advocates. Bringing the experience, business process and professionalism that is required for delivering premium custom homes on time, on budget, and transparently.


Purchase & Feasibility Consultation

Whether you are considering building a new home or renovating an existing home, our team will help you visualize the possibilities to suit your lifestyle. We will provide transparency into construction costs and the options you might want to consider to best accomplish your design goals and value engineer to best manage your budgetary expectations.


Design Assistance

Chesapeake is here to work with your architectural and design team during the planning process.  We will be by your side and guide you from inspiration, through schematic design and into construction drawings. Our level of involvement and hands-on approach will best enable you to realize your project goals while creating a construction plan that has been fully value-engineered along the way.


Project Budgeting

Chesapeake works transparently throughout the planning and construction process respecting your budgetary requirements and offering cost-saving suggestions along the way. We provide preliminary design estimating, detailed costing prior to construction plan finalization, and a firm budget based on a competitive bid process prior to permit. Our iterative process results in the best price and quality balance for our clients...Read More 


Finishes & Selections

Whether you have hired a design consultant or are excited to persevere on your own, Chesapeake will lead you through the selections process in an organized and design-savvy manner; keeping you on schedule, while making sure design and quality are not sacrificed.


Construction Management

We understand that higher standards and quality materials result in homes that require less repair and maintenance. The Chesapeake team is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients and to making sure we maintain a level of focus and transparency that allows for expectation management from start to finish. To this end, site cleanliness and safety are key components to ensuring that the construction process goes smoothly not only for our clients but for their neighbors as well.


Warranty & Customer Service

We pride ourselves on being your builder and your friend.  Our team will continue to work with you well-after your project is completed.  We stand behind our work, ensuring your home is protected through our extensive warranty review and quality assurance protocol. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and work quality following your project completion.

Project Budgeting

Chesapeake is here to work with your architectural and design team during the planning process. The means in which we manage a project budget and how we are compensated is, for the most part, a decision left to the preference of our client. We simply strive to enable our clients to be comfortable. To this end, we have successfully managed projects in each of the following ways and leave it up to you to decide which you prefer.



When we enter into a cost-plus relationship with a client the project budget is based on a completely transparent model. Our clients can see literally everything that goes into formulating the final construction budget and how each aspect of the project is accounted along the way. No cost is incurred without approval and sign-off. No invoice paid without client review of the workmanship and confirmation. Chesapeake is compensated for project management and receives a set percentage-based fee on, not all, but only certain costs incurred.



A fixed-price budget offers the most cost certainty to a homeowner. With complete, detailed construction plans, specifications and finish schedule Chesapeake is able to competitively bid the project and provide a firm, reliable budget. Unless you make changes along the way or truly unknown conditions are encountered there is no risk.



We understand the level of investment building or renovating a home entails. We understand that for many, no matter how many safeguards, years of experience, awards, or references a builder has, relinquishing control is difficult. We’ve spent the past few years pondering this predicament and coming up with a model that enables a successful construction project while leaving complete control in the homeowner’s hands. Our Homeowner Representative model provides for complete financial security and allows the Chesapeake team to manage the construction process transparently and with a constant eye on quality and design. We manage the construction process, review completed work with you monthly, and you pay the recipient subcontractors and vendors directly. We are paid a fixed monthly fee and make sure the project meets your expectations.