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About Us

Chesapeake Custom Homes & Development is a fresh, new residential construction company. That’s right, we are a brand-new company. We want that to be abundantly clear. It’s not that we don’t have many years of experience building custom homes in the Greater Washington Area, because we do. Our principals and the Chesapeake team have worked for some of the top residential construction and development companies. We have completed award winning projects, worked with the top architects and can proudly say that we have built lasting friendships with our clients. Throughout these years of work, however, we have learned that there’s a better way.

Chesapeake is built on the attention to detail, construction expertise and business processes that make the big name, residential construction companies of which we use to be a part award-winning firms year after year. We embrace these attributes and they are engrained in how we do business. Where Chesapeake is different is in the three core fundamentals that we add to this mix – Focus, Efficiency and Relationship.

The ability to focus is difficult when you are overseeing too many projects. The result is a disjointed process that results in mistakes and oversights. Even when these issues are addressed, for the customer it results in a longer construction timeline and frustration.

Being a residential builder in the Greater Washington Area is not easy. The municipalities, utility companies, and “slightly” Type-A population can all be challenges at times. We understand that for most people their home is their largest and most important investment. Our team understands that it is a privilege to be chosen to build or renovate one’s home. For us, the relationship with our clients is one of great trust. We want our clients to like us once we’ve delivered their home not just tolerate us until we are done. It is our goal and expectation that once a project is complete we will have developed a relationship of mutual respect and appreciation.

The Chesapeake team prides itself above anything else as being honest and transparent. We are our clients advocates and this will not waiver. It’s this personalization and understanding that allows us to realize our clients’ goals in their designs and to build the most livable homes for their needs. Our hands-on approach, focus on a small number of projects at any one time, and experienced team allow Chesapeake to maintain a level of commitment and control that is required for building premium, custom homes.

Chesapeake Custom Homes & Development is owned and run by colleagues of many years and friends – Adam Goozh, Mel Silicki and Tim Murphy. Though each worked on their own building custom homes in the Greater Washington Area prior to 2010, it was at this time with Sandy Spring Builders that the three first collaborated. This experience enabled the team to develop the refined business practices and attention to detail that Chesapeake brings to its clients today.